The Argus Group is the authoritative source when it comes to content creation — writing, (technical and journalistic), editing, blogging, social media enhancement,

Communications Guru Jason Reagan created the Argus Group as a comprehensive communications solution to empower people in crafting their “Message to the World.” We have worked with tech companies, non-profit organizations, media sources, startups, musicians and government agencies, delivering the highest quality content and advice. Jason partners with graphic designers, educators and consultants to provide a team-concept solution to his clients.

The Argus Group is not only a premier communications resource — we also work to promote technological progress making the world a better place. The Argus Group takes an active, progressive role as a Tech Evangelist. Jason speaks about and teaches futurism, emerging tech (especially drones) and startups at conferences, seminars and on podcasts.

Take a moment to review The Argus Group Portfolio below and discover how we can help you communicate your Success Story with the right message.

The Argus Group is ready to “dreamcast” your Amazing Future today. Let’s connect and create.  Jason can be reached directly by e-mail or Twitter.