20150113_214953000_iosJason Reagan has dedicated his life to helping people and organizations communicate in a clearer and more concise way.

Beginning his career as a journalist in 1996, Jason has since written and edited thousands of engaging news articles, blog posts, press releases and online content. He has won several media awards over the years and has since expanded his expertise into the organizational and educational communications sphere.

In addition to his proficiency in the field of editing and writing, Jason has also taught communications at the university level and continues to lead seminars and training sessions in the areas of media relations, editing/writing and social media engagement.

The recent launch of the Argus Group allows Jason to bring his communications expertise, as well as the experience of his affiliate partners, under one “umbrella organization.”

“My goal in launching the Argus Group is simple: To offer the highest elevation of dynamic communications and media-marketing solutions across a wide array of platforms: tech media, print, video, social media, web-based content and SEO. Whatever my clients’ needs may be — copywriting, online content creation, copyediting, ghostwriting, press releases, media relations consults, blog posts — our pledge is to soar beyond expectations and form lasting partnerships.”

Although Jason works across many industries and sectors, he is most passionate about the world of emerging technology, startups and futurism. He’s an optimist and a humanist — believing that humanity can and must wield technology in a sustainable way that will ultimately make the world a better place (one of his favorite Twitter hashtags is #ABetterWorld).

As such, Jason maintains a personal blog, SparkyRayGun, to offer insights, share news and promote discussion about the intersection of emerging technology, futurism and enhanced living (he’s also a transhumanist but that’s a topic for another day).

In a local context, Jason applies his skills and experience within the emerging startup community. Working with Startup High County and Silicon Hollar, Jason continues to collaborate with experts in the venture-capital community to build a sustainable startup cooperative in his hometown.

Because of Jason’s fascination with “The World of Tomorrow,” he has recently branched into the dynamic world of futurism (or foresight) consulting. Collaborating with well-established futurists, including the World Future Society, Jason is expanding his knowledge base to offer innovative foresight consulting services to his clients.


“I’ve always been fascinated by stories. Our species has always been inspired by our stories advance our progress towards a better world. My deepest desire is to take part in this glorious tradition by helping people tell their stories — to spread their unique message — to the wider world. I invite you to join me in this journey. Let’s connect and create and, once again, build #ABetterWorld.”

Contact Jason by e-mail or via  Twitter.