Since 2010, Argus Group founder Jason Reagan has been honored to work with Appalachian Voices, an “award-winning, environmental non-profit committed to protecting the land, air and water of the central and southern Appalachian region.”

Jason has contributed several articles to the group’s magazine, The Appalachian Voice, covering several environmental issues.

folk_music_storyMining Our Heritage (December 2010)

Ask anyone if they know a song about coal mining and chances are they’ll mention “Paradise,” by John Prine—a lament for the lost innocence of the award-winning singer’s beloved Kentucky birthplace before it was ravaged and sullied by coal-mining giant Peabody Energy.  |  Read More

biomass_woodchipBio-energy Creates A Mass of Questions (August 2013)

Growing interest in biomass as an alternative energy source in the United States is igniting a philosophical firestorm about how, and even if, biomass could be a sustainable option for future needs. |  Read More

music_maybelle-and-sara-carterWomen Blazing Trails in Song and Verse (February 2011)

Ask most people what they think when they hear the term “Appalachian Women in Music” and the likely response may be “Coal Miner’s Daughter/Loretta Lynn” or maybe their eyes will brighten as they shout “Dolly Parton!”  |  Read More



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