hiking-1312226_1920Since 2003, Argus Group founder Jason Reagan has lived in what is considered a mountain mecca for travelers — the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina (i.e. “The High Country”). In his role as a new editor, Jason has had the opportunity and pleasure to write and edit hundreds of articles about tourism and travel.

As you can see from the article examples below, the Argus Group is well positioned to serve the communications needs — writing, editing or blogging — of the tourism/travel industry. Contact us today and let’s set a course for your dream destination to success.

Tourism/Travel Articles  (Access Archive)

hiker-1149877_1920Hiking Review: The Nuwati Trail

Visiting the High Country without communing with its variety of natural wonders is kind of like driving to the Grand Canyon and never leaving a video arcade. One of the best ways to enjoy the splendor and pageantry of the mountains is by taking a hike along one of several local trails.  | Read More (PDF)

colorful-1553246_1920.jpgPaddling 101: Kayakers Love the High Country

Access to outdoor recreation ranks is one of the top reasons more people move to the High Country. Besides hiking, biking and climbing, water sports stands out as a favorite activity. Canoeing and kayaking has become popular enough locally to attract events like “You Can Paddle Day” at Chetola Lake in Blowing Rock. Hundreds of potential and experienced paddlers jumped in the lake — with a kayak or canoe under them — to test-paddle some of the latest models.  |  Read More (PDF)

scotland-1893646_1920Mountain Cuisine With a Twist: Tupelos World Café

A Boone-area couple is melding the best of their three previous restaurants to bring a taste of American diversity to downtown Boone. Tupelos World Café will soon replace the recently closed Angelica’s Vegetarian Restaurant, bringing the original owners full circle back to their King Street roots.  |  Read More (PDF)


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